Simplicity, Functionality, and Craftsmanship:
these are the core principles that define Taxidermy.

Our minimal approach to design manages to remove all the unnecessary trappings of clutter and flash to ignite our customers imagination and creativity. We look at the individual needs of artists, designers, and the fashion conscious consumer to help us create our unique vision of “made simple”.Remove the interference of “the complicated” and free yourself to be inspired. “Made simple” is our commitment to developing stylish and innovating products with the highest quality craftsmanship. No matter how you define your interests, your profession, or your passions, our products will demonstrate the bold individual voice of modern design. Founded in 2005 as a small line of presentation portfolios for photographers,Taxidermy has grown into a designer brand that includes a wide array notebooks, wallets, key-rings, iphone cases, camera accessories, and portfolios.